Class Registration Assistance

You will be discussing your fall schedule with your academic advisor during your orientation session.  Below, you will find some helpful information to utilize post-meeting.

Student Administration System


Course Enrollment Roadblocks

Often, students are unable to enroll in a course for a variety of reasons.  Below, you will find a few reasons that may be preventing you from enrolling in a particular course.

Reserve Caps: Many courses have set reserved caps to accommodate a specific student population(s).  If a reserve cap is in place that does not apply to you, you will not be able to enroll in the course.

Permission Numbers:  If you meet the prerequisites and/or corequisites for a particular course and you are unable to enroll, contact the instructor directly to request a permission number.  If you have an approved graduation substitute for a course, you will need a permission number moving forward for any course where your substitute course is a prerequisite for.  More information on permission numbers/waitlists can be found here.

Waitlists:  If a course is full, you can request to be added to a waitlist.  General information regarding waitlists can be found here.  MATH waitlist information can be found here.

Course Catalog:  Please be sure to reference the university course catalog to ensure you meet the prerequisites and/or corequisites for a particular course.

Additional Registration Assistance:


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